Liz Pizzuti


Making technology work for people is my jam.



I’m a design leader experienced in building, envisioning, and iterating upon new products and services as well as legacy systems. I bring creative tools for ideation, iterative design processes and a strong collaborative spirit to every project. I spent three years working in-house at Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvest as well as many years freelancing with product design agencies and working with clients such as Moleskine, Ericsson and the BBC, as well as early stage startups in fashion, health care and science. 

I’ve presented my ideas to executives at Fortune 500 companies, facilitated branding and innovation workshops, and always use empathy and data-driven design to create simplicity out of complex systems and build successful products.

My work has brought me to London, Madrid and now back to New York City. In my spare time I explore my love of art and new technologies, and I’m always down to see a good show.